Volkswagens combine safety, practicality, and reliability with refined German engineering and energetic performance. Continental Imports combines the best in Volkswagen service, computer diagnostics, and repair. We perform the following services and offer genuine Volkswagen parts:

Oil & filter service: Scheduled maintenance


Full security services, including key coding by a licensed Locksmith

Cooling system repair


Timing belt jobs

Electrical repair

Air conditioning repair

Tires, including low profile and alignment capabilities

Top Hunter tooling

Batteries and initializations

Programming and network configuration

All other Volkswagen systems

Diagnosis and repair

The Continental Imports Difference

Continental Imports has a VAG team that works exclusively on VW and Audi cars. By focusing solely on these makes, our technicians have become experts, thoroughly trained and experienced on their systems and workshop procedures. VAG cars often have totally unique tooling and repair procedures, such as the need to remove or set back the front end of the car to do many cooling system, timing belt, and other mechanical repairs. Experience with these procedures reduces the time required and assures that a quality repair occurs each and every time.

Continental Imports at this time is the only non-dealer facility capable of making keys for Audi and VW.

VW Keys

Continental Imports at this time is the only non-dealer facility capable of making keys for Audi and VW.

Warranty Service for New Volkswagen Owners

Continental Imports is delighted to perform your required or necessary maintenance services while your Volkswagen is still under factory warranty. We will stamp your Maintenance book and use only factory-approved parts and lubricants. You are not required to take your Volkswagen back to an authorized dealer for this type of service; ask us for details.

Diagnostics and Testing

Sometimes it seems like every import shop works on Volkswagen and Audi Group (VAG) vehicles, and even some shops think of these as simple cars. Both Audi and Volkswagen are actually very complicated, incorporating all the same modern computer and electronic systems in powertrain management, braking/traction control, automatic climate controls, and entertainment packages as the most sophisticated of European cars. These systems are tied together with computer networks that are just as complex as Mercedes Benz and BMW, in most cases. Because of this deceptive simplicity, work on VAG cars can only be done efficiently by trained, experienced technicians using factory diagnostic software and manufacturers service information, who have the depth of knowledge gained from working on VAG vehicles every day.


Like many import specialists, and for many years, Continental Imports used the top-quality aftermarket computer software VAG COM to diagnose, code, and initialize repair procedures. The VAG cars were the last of the German cars we specialize in to acquire the assistance of the proprietary factory capabilities included in the Audi/VW diagnostic computers.


Ten years ago, Continental Imports finally received its VW site ID and dealer code. We also registered for and received GEKO access credentials, allowing us access to the GEKO server in Germany. This access is required to program new modules and gain security access needed for keys and immobilizers.


Through the years, Continental Imports has maintained our VAG credentials and kept yearly subscriptions for software updates. In 2014, Audi/VW redesigned their VAS PC software and created a new system called ODIS. ODIS was designed to run on Windows 7, and as such a new tool was required. In early 2015 Continental Imports acquired the VAS 6150C Tablet computer running ODIS. With these tools, and with a Locksmith certification LSID, Continental Imports is currently the only non-dealer facility capable of making keys for Audi and VW in Gainesville.


Continental Imports is proud to offer an industry-leading warranty: we honor all repairs we perform with a 2-year/24,000 mile parts and labor warranty.


Continental Imports now offers you the same level of professional, stress-free service for financing your vehicle repairs as we do for the rest of our service portfolio. Call us at 352.377.6604 to learn more.

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